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Introducing the Moza Air 2S Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Introducing the Moza Air 2S Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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The Pro Video department is pleased to announce that Moza has released the Air 2S, an upgraded version of the popular Moza Air 2. Listening to the positive feedback from Air 2 users has led to improvements that make the Air 2S a standout among gimbals. From a metal body for improved stability, to a 3200mAh internal battery that will run the gimbal for up to 20 hours, yet only takes 2 hours to charge, the Air 2S has been rethought and improved. Plus, if you need more run time but are unable to stop filming to charge the gimbal, you can plug a USB battery into the bottom of the handle and keep shooting without stopping to recharge.

The Moza Air 2S supports more than 9 pounds of camera, keeping it level and shake free as you make your moves, and the addition of a smart micro handwheel enables precise control over pan, tilt, zoom, and focus, allowing fingertip-controlled adjustments on the fly. The micro handwheel features a flip-out handle on the knob, offering you a choice in how to take advantage of it. Featuring a Manfrotto-compatible quick release plate, the Air 2S allows you to go from gimbal to tripod and back to gimbal, with minimum rebalancing of the gimbal, saving you time and getting you back to shooting faster. Additionally, the gimbal’s body features an integrated ARRI rosette, cold shoes, and M4 mounting hole that allow you to add a variety of accessories to build up your gimbal the way that you want. From top to bottom, the Moza Air 2S has been designed to help you create smooth camera moves with less effort, for a more creative and satisfying experience.

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