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Lighting for Outdoor Photo and Video

Lighting for Outdoor Photo and Video

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Whether you are shooting a fashion editorial, a wedding reception, or anything in between, on- and off-camera lighting can make a huge difference outdoors. Natural light is wonderful, but there are scenarios in which you simply cannot run the risk of an unexpected cloud or rapidly setting sun ruining your shot. This article introduces the gear and accessories necessary to be prepared outdoors always, no matter what kind of light Mother Nature serves you.

On-Camera Flash…

Most photographers begin with an on-camera flash when they need an extra boost of illumination in a pinch when working outdoors. Equally helpful, whether you just need to fill in shadows or to step up to bat when skies turn gray, on-camera flashes have become increasingly powerful and technologically advanced in recent years. If you are shooting in a rapidly changing lighting environment, look for a flash with TTL capabilities. This will prevent you from missing shots while fiddling with manual settings. Learn more about flash settings here.

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