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Mother’s Day Gift Roundup

Mother’s Day Gift Roundup

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I did a quick survey of the women in my life. As it turns out, most of them are somebody’s mother, and one of them is even my mother. I asked what gift they would like for Mother’s Day—items that B&H sells, anyway. Two of them mentioned items they didn’t realize B&H sold, like guitar picks and solar panels, and I was delighted to let them know they can indeed be gifted these items and a range of musical instruments and survival gear through B&H.

Guitar Picks, we sell those too!

Planet Waves Classic Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks

A couple of their wish list items surprised me, but many were what you might expect, if you had wonderful, interesting women in your life like I do. Here’s a sampling of the replies, in no particular order.

1) “Anything Waterproof” My cousin Colette is an avid fisherwoman and boater and was blunt, so I thought a simple waterproof case for her smartphone would be a good place to start. I also suggested she consider underwater photography with said phone and threw in this gem from Aquatech, because she is my favorite cousin.

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