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Nikon Z Lens Roundup

Nikon Z Lens Roundup

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When building a new mirrorless lens system like the Nikon Z system, camera manufacturers quickly learned that in order to get novice and seasoned pro photographers to switch to the new system, they needed to back up that system with premium optics quickly. Not only do they have to start producing topflight lenses, but they need to show a “lens roadmap” that gives photographers a combination of excited anticipation of the arrival of new lenses as well as confidence in their ability to expand their photographic capabilities inside the new system.

Camera and lens manufacturers traditionally kept their upcoming lenses as secret as they could (much easier in the days before the Internet and rumor websites and leaks!) but, these days, there is nothing to be gained by keeping your cards close to your chest, and all of the major manufacturers have lens roadmaps available publicly for their customers.

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