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Organize Your Life with These Top-Tier Label Makers

Organize Your Life with These Top-Tier Label Makers

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It’s no secret that a disorganized home or workplace causes stress. Recent studies have shown that our physical and mental well-being can be negatively affected by overly cluttered environments. One easy solution for combatting the stress that comes from a disorganized space is a label maker. Label makers help keep tabs on all your easy-to-lose-or-misplace items. They designate where things go, keep documents and files sorted, and help identify objects that are otherwise inscrutable (e.g., an old roll of film or unmarked flash drive). Check out our list of recommended labelers and start disrupting your disorganization today.

Brother P-touch CUBE Plus

If you’re not yet familiar with the Brother brand, you will be by the end of this list. Brother is arguably the biggest name when it comes to label makers, with several models worthy of best-in-class consideration. One such labeler is the P-touch CUBE Plus. In lieu of the more traditional keyboard-and-screen design, the CUBE Plus is a Bluetooth-enabled labeler that prints labels you design on your mobile device or computer using Brother’s free companion apps or paid software. Choose from one of Brother’s pre-designed label templates or design your own, including your choice of fonts, frames, and symbols. You can even choose the tape type and finish, including glitter and matte.

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