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Power Solutions for Your Mobile Camera Rig

Power Solutions for Your Mobile Camera Rig

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One of the biggest challenges when shooting video on location, especially when you need to stay mobile for a long period of time, is how to keep all your gear powered without adding excessive weight to your rig. When I was out shooting long days handheld, there were many choices to keep the camera and accessories powered for a long shooting day. There’s a wide variety of mobile power options available; decisions on what to choose just depends on a few factors, such as what kind of rig you’re using, weight/portability limitations, and how much power you need for your rig size.

  • Small: Smartphone/Action cameras
  • Mid-Size: DSLR/Mirrorless cameras
  • Large: Broadcast/Cinema cameras

Small Size Rigs: Smartphone/Compact Gimbal/Action Camera

There are many lightweight options to power your mobile compact camera rig, especially since a smartphone, action camera, or small gimbal camera doesn’t require a lot of power to keep their relatively small, built-in batteries charged.

  • Power banks: The easiest method is by using a power bank. Power banks are reasonably priced portable LiPo or Li-Ion batteries with a relatively low, safe capacity and can be found everywhere. They generally have USB Type-A outputs to power using your smartphone USB cable, but you can also use them to charge an accessory such as a gimbal or light if they utilize a USB input. Ensure the power bank has a high enough power capacity to cover the charge of your device, because smaller ones (e.g., 500mAh or under) can be depleted quickly.

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