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Practical Tips for Surviving a Beach Shoot

Practical Tips for Surviving a Beach Shoot

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It might seem easy these days to go shoot on a beach. I mean, you could just throw an action camera into a protective case and all is good. Perhaps that works—for some shoots.

And if that is all you need, then more power to you. However, I’ve done a few shoots on beaches, and my experience is that the beach can be one of the most difficult environments in which to shoot. From getting the look you want, to protecting your gear from sand and salt spray, a little bit of planning can make a huge difference.

The Look of Your Shoot

On a sunny day at the beach, light is everywhere. Bouncing off the sand, it can provide a fair amount of fill from below. This may, in fact, be the look you are going for, and it would make sense—after all, you are shooting on a beach and it is bright and sunny. But even when shooting with the wide dynamic range of some of today’s cameras, don’t forget the production tools that you have available to you. Just because you are shooting in this environment doesn’t mean that you put the camera on auto and let your DP and grip crew take a nap.

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