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Wildlife Photography, with Nate Luebbe

Wildlife Photography, with Nate Luebbe

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Wildlife Photography, with Nate Luebbe

Fresh from a trip to Alaska and a bit of backpacking in the Arctic Circle, landscape and wildlife photographer Nate Luebbe has joined us for a short conversation on wildlife photography.

How did you get started with wildlife photography?

Nate Luebbe: Honestly, by accident. I was and still am a landscape photographer and, if you spend enough time outside, you are bound to have some incredible encounters with animals. After a couple of fortunate and cool moments, it stirred up a passion in me and got me excited. I didn’t realize I wanted to do wildlife photography until I, by happenstance, got really close to an animal and snapped a cool photo. After that I started thinking, “Hey, this is addicting.”

Do you have an example of a specific encounter that helped spur this passion?

NL: There is one that comes to mind. It was an elk, when I was hiking in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I had just bought my first camera and this massive bull elk up on Trail Ridge Road walked right past us and sat down. It was perfectly situated in the environment with an amazing background. It was one of those situations where luck made a quality photo more than my skill did, but it spurred a bit of excitement in me because I figured if I knew more about photography then I could capitalize even more on moments like this.

Now that you are more experienced, what part of wildlife photography is good planning and what relies on luck?

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