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B&H Creator of the Week: Travel Bloggers, The Mandagies

B&H Creator of the Week: Travel Bloggers, The Mandagies

B&H explora - All posts
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After bonding over a mutual love for exploring and some crazy outdoor adventures during college, Berty and Emily Mandagie honed their respective photography and writing chops before starting their blog, The Mandagies, in 2016. In the past five years their eponymous brand has grown into one of the Internet’s leading Pacific Northwest travel resources, leading us to invite them onboard as our next B&H Creator of the Week.

In our conversation below, the Mandagies share their love for the Oregon coast, while describing how to thrive as partners in both business and marriage, discussing their favorite gear, offering tips for keeping current with SEO, and best practices in online user experience. Keep your eyes on B&H’s social media channels in the week ahead for even more engaging content and travel photography tips. Most important, remember their advice to mix passion with patience—so take it slow and live in the moment.

Where are you based? 

Spokane, Washington

What are your most important social feeds/networks:

TheMandagies.com (blog) The Mandagies Instagram, Berty’s Instagram, The Mandagies Pinterest

What is your educational background, both photo/video and other studies, and how have you applied these studies to your current business?

Berty and I both graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle. Neither of us studied photography or video in college. Berty graduated with a history degree and I graduated with a degree in South Asian studies. However, Berty and I are lifelong learners, so after we graduated, both of us spent time learning our trades via Youtube, online courses, experience, and lots of patience!

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