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What Is Your Favorite Camera Bag?

What Is Your Favorite Camera Bag?

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The camera bag starts as an afterthought—something you get after you buy a camera and/or lenses, and for many, just about any camera bag will do the trick for them. But, when you get deeper into photography and expand your kit, the camera bag becomes an essential part of your everyday carry. There are many parallels between shopping for a camera bag and shopping for something like a pair of shoes—hundreds (maybe thousands?) of options, different sizes, different styles, and sometimes the ones that look the best don’t fit best. This makes camera bag shopping, especially for a veteran photographer, a very personal quest.

We asked some B&H staff, B&H Creative partners, and B&H affiliates what their favorite camera bag is and why. This is a sampling of some of their responses.

Allan Weitz, B&H — @allanweitz

“I picked up a Lowepro Flipside Sport 10L AW a few years back as a lightweight, back-friendly alternative to a shoulder or sling bag. Since then the bag has traveled to Israel, China, and some of the prettiest vistas along the Pacific Coast. The Lowepro Flipside Sport 10L AW is compact yet can easily swallow up a mirrorless camera with a 150-500mm zoom or a pair of bodies with three or four lenses. It's extremely light, shows little sign of wear after several years of regular use, and the orange color is perfect for road biking, which is something my wife and I do when the weather is agreeable.”

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