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Which UPS Should You Choose to Protect Your Setup?

Which UPS Should You Choose to Protect Your Setup?

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Most folks associate an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with storms and power outages. While backup power can keep your computer setup protected from summer storms, an uninterruptible power supply can also keep your costly equipment protected against brownouts, voltage spikes, electromagnetic, and radio frequency interference. But which UPS is right for your needs? Are you a gamer? Are you editing video footage? Maybe you’re an IT or data professional running servers, or a small business owner looking to protect your POS, computers, and more. Even the casual power user can safeguard their system with a UPS. Check out the below recommendations for find the UPS that’s right for your needs.


Whether streaming gameplay or playing competitively, the last thing you need is your game grinding to a halt. Gaming UPS systems like the APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming usually feature solid output with enough wattage to support your rig and peripherals. A good gaming UPS provides built-in surge protection and may also feature some outlets without battery backup power. These outlets can be used to accommodate non-essential peripherals that might occupy your gaming space, but that would not need to remain powered during an outage. If possible, gamers should also opt for a UPS with an LCD screen. If an outage causes you to switch to battery power during gameplay, this display allows you to monitor power-related specifics at a glance, without breaking your concentration.

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