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10 Best Gifts for Food Photographers

10 Best Gifts for Food Photographers

B&H explora - All posts
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This week at B&H we’re celebrating food photography, including the people and gear that make all those mouthwatering shots possible. As part of that celebration, we’ve put together a special themed gift guide that’s perfect for food photographers of all skill levels.

1. A Smartphone Lens

Whether you are far into your photography career or just starting out, whenever you complete a dish in your kitchen or have a plate placed in front of you at a restaurant, your nearest camera is likely a smartphone. When all you want to do is dig in, the smartphone also makes sense as the fastest camera—and you can quickly post to Instagram once you finish. Picking up an add-on lens or two for a smartphone is a quick way to get better photos and even allows you to get angles that were impossible before.

Get in tight with the Moment Tele Lens, especially since many recent phones went for an ultra-wide instead of a 2x zoom option. By getting a bit more reach you can get a more flattering perspective on the food and make it all the more appetizing. For more creative shooting, you might want to look at the Moment Macro; this will allow you to get your phone in extremely close for unique details of your food. It also looks nice to have some variety if you want to create a short series.

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