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13 Creative Exercises for Photographers at Home

13 Creative Exercises for Photographers at Home

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Photography is a great way to get out of the house, explore the world around you, and can be a reason to visit new places. Sometimes, though, your own home and time spent indoors can also be a key source of inspiration and a tool to work through any creative droughts you might find yourself in. Whether you’re confined to home because of weather, a global pandemic, or just because you feel like staying in, don’t let staying at home be a limitation to your photography practice; let the challenge of being indoors ignite new ways to approach making photographs and give yourself the time to experiment.

Inspired by Todd Vorenkamp’s popular 13 Creative Exercises for Photographers article, I am proposing a new, additional series of 13 creative exercises, with the focus on being at home.

Exercise 1: Find the Light

The first lighting class I had at university took the form of the professor giving everyone a simple incandescent bulb and telling us that this was our only light source for the semester. Everyone (expectedly) hated it but, even then, I knew there was going to be some value in working with such a simple tool to create a foundation for working with more sophisticated tools later on. The first assignment from that first class was to turn on the light and then hide it somewhere, preferably in another room; somewhere where you couldn’t immediately sense or see the light. Turn off all the room lights and then, in seemingly complete darkness, photograph your light bulb. This exercise will test your patience and long exposure skills but will also give you a feeling of the way light gives shape to subjects in the absence of other ambient light sources.

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