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15 Mouthwatering Food Photographers to Follow on Instagram

15 Mouthwatering Food Photographers to Follow on Instagram

B&H explora - All posts
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Typing #food into Instagram's search bar returns more than 450 million posts, making the search for food photographers on this social platform somewhat akin to "shooting fish in a barrel." Yet, while the number of followers to the most popular feeds surpasses the million mark, when it comes to the topic of food, it's a common occurrence for cookbook authors, recipe creators, food stylists, and celebrity chefs to add the term "photographer" to their skill set, thereby magnifying the popularity of this flavorful subject.

To assemble this current selection, we tried to strike a balance between Instagram popularity and newer or more undiscovered photography talents, always with an eye to a certain quality of vision and a unique point of view. We've organized this short list alphabetically by first name and, following the tradition of the potluck supper, we asked each person featured to offer up one (or more) of their top food photography feeds.

As we ease into the midsummer stretch, we offer you this online feast for the eyes and the appetite.

1. Alana Haldan was spending most of her time behind a computer, working as a graphic designer, when she decided to try a vegan diet. This simple decision opened her eyes to the vast realm of food and nutrition and led to her career reinvention as a vegan chef.

Her passion for plant-based cooking, fermentation, and raw foods fuels her food blog "Sprouts And Krauts," as well as her posts to the @sproutsandkrauts feed. "When I first started my blog, I quickly realized my photography wasn't at the level I wanted it to be," she admits. "So, I set out to educate myself and improve my skills."

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