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21 Tips for Getting Sharper Photos

21 Tips for Getting Sharper Photos

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Image “sharpness” has been the goal of many photographers over the years. Some photographers seem to nail the “razor-sharp” or “tack-sharp” image every time, while some struggle to capture a truly sharp image.

Photographs ©Todd Vorenkamp

Before we start, know that there are basic ways photos end up not being sharp.

1. Movement Either the camera, or the subject is in motion during the capture.
2. Optics/Electronics Soft focus, soft lens, etc.
3. Atmospheric The amount and quality of air between the camera and subject.

Here we will break down all three and think about possible considerations to increase image sharpness.


1. Movement in the frame, either from a moving subject, or from the camera being less than completely still at the time the shutter is open, will cause motion blur in your image. Depending on the type of gear you are using or have available, there are ways to reduce and/or eliminate this movement.

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