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5 Food Photography Tips, with LeAnne Shor

5 Food Photography Tips, with LeAnne Shor

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LeAnne Shor is a celebrated food photographer, writer, and content creator. She is also the creator of the Lion’s Bread food blog, where she shares tons of great content, including mouthwatering recipes and photos. We asked Shor for some advice on how to shoot food, and she gave us these five great tips.

Lighting Is Everything

Without good light, it doesn’t matter how you style your food; the subject won’t look appealing or appetizing. So, what is good light? This is somewhat subjective, but generally, good light enhances the true colors and textures of food, and creates realistic shadows and highlights, so the real-time beauty of the food is translated through the photograph.

A few ways to achieve good light are to start by turning off all overhead lighting. Overhead lights and floor lamps usually give off yellow tones that can alter the natural hues of your food. When starting out, use natural light if you can. I generally set up next to a north- or west-facing window, and use diffused indirect light. If you want really dramatic shadows, and bright highlights, try shooting in direct light, as well. Morning light is very different than afternoon light, so experiment with your subject (food) throughout the day to find the lighting that you like the best.

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