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Audio Interfaces with Small-Scale Size and Big-Time Sound

Audio Interfaces with Small-Scale Size and Big-Time Sound

B&H explora - All posts
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At one point in the not-so-distant past, you either needed a decked-out analog studio or a painfully expensive digital audio workstation to attain the type of sound deemed to be at the professional level. Much to the collective rejoicing of songwriters, producers, musicians, audio engineers, and content creators literally everywhere, that can be filed away as a memory of the olden times. Thanks to clever tech and manufacturing by brands such as Universal Audio, Antelope, Apogee, and more, there are powerful audio interfaces that contain high-quality circuitry and onboard DSP (digital signal processing) in a desktop form factor taking less space than a lunch plate. They may not dish out tasty BLTs, but they sure can help you get polished and impactful audio without slowing down your computer’s CPU.


One of the smallest and simplest of the interfaces in this article is Shure’s MOTIV MVi. This single-input gem is perfect for knocking out one track at a time to a Mac/Windows computer (through the supplied cables for USB Type-C or USB Type-A ports) or to an iPhone or iPad (Lightning cable available separately). You’re also in luck if you have an Android mobile device that supports USB Audio Class 2.0 and micro-USB OTG (On-The-Go) connectivity. The MVi’s single input is an XLR-1/4" combo jack mated to a discrete JFET Class-A buffered preamp, allowing you to record a mic or an electric instrument; 48V phantom power for condenser mics is available when the MVi is connected to a computer. A quick tap of the touch panel lets you select any of the five DSP modes, which feature limiting, compression, and EQ pre-configured for vocals, acoustic instruments, and more. Those processes can also be tweaked through the ShurePlus MOTIV companion app.

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