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From Wi-Fi to Hi-Fi: A Journey in Sound

From Wi-Fi to Hi-Fi: A Journey in Sound

B&H explora - All posts
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It happens so easily and innocently. One day, you’re laughing at a party while tunes pump through a Bluetooth speaker at the back of a room. The next thing you know, you’ve dedicated an entire room as a temple for the purest, uncompromising audio fidelity, where you sit motionless in a state of emotional euphoria as your favorite songs fill your ears with the vibrant sounds their creators so painstakingly crafted. It’s difficult to know why some become passionately obsessed with the sound of music, while others are perfectly content with the speakers on their smartphone, but sometimes all it takes is a small spark to ignite a burning desire for impeccable sonics.

Where It All Begins

Gleaning from observations over the years, I’ve concluded that “the change” from typical human to audiophile is often a result of routine social elements. The good made by individuals rich with experience in producing high-quality sound drips down to amateur musicians and everyday people through commonplace interactions such as going to a concert, hearing a friend’s stereo system, or getting new music recommendations from a pal. The trickle-down model does work, just not in economics… sigh.

The first exposure to a venue’s killer PA speakers, someone calling your attention to a special detail you never noticed in a record you’ve heard a thousand times, or borrowing a pair of premium headphones in place of cheap earbuds; these moments can send a jolt of excitement to the brain, move the soul, and trigger the body (e.g., goosebumps, anyone?). From there, a fresh enthusiasm takes hold, driving the urge to experience more of the same thrills. Curiosity prompts the person to learn more about quality sound and how to get it. Questions like “How much did these magical headphones cost?” or “What else should I be hearing in this record?” are catalysts for the big change.

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