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Never Not Washing My Hands Again Blues or How to Safely Photograph Live Music

Never Not Washing My Hands Again Blues or How to Safely Photograph Live Music

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As we slowly return to photographing live music events, it is an important moment to take into consideration aspects of that job that fall outside simple gear and technique concerns. I am talking about health and safety, and I doubt that there are any concert photographers who do not view that aspect of the work in a new light since 2020. We know how severe an impact the live music business has felt and that many precautions and protocols will be with us for the foreseeable future, so let’s talk about how to be safe while shooting live music.

This article is not only about COVID-19 precautions; there are certainly other hazards at large concerts, but the spread of COVID-19 is still a concern in many locations. Consider what we have come to realize—masks protect you and others from the spread of disease and if you will be working shoulder to shoulder with thousands of folks, getting vaccinated against COVID-19 seems a smart decision. Masks can fog up your eyeglasses or viewfinder and create minor complications when shooting, but it is a safety standard that will be with us, either voluntarily or required by the venue for the foreseeable future.

While wearing protective gloves may not be necessary, some would consider it an option. Certainly, washing your hands when possible and using sanitizer are valuable precautions. At present, many venues are establishing or re-establishing their social distancing policies. Although the idea of staying six feet away from others at a concert seems difficult, it would seem safer—if not more respectful—to keep as much a distance as possible from fans, security, and other photographers for the time being. Also, follow the protocols set up by the venue and its security team. If they require you to be in designated areas or leave after three songs, it’s probably safer for all that you do so. I would also wash and disinfect my gear and clothing after each gig.

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