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Sunlight in Photography

Sunlight in Photography

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The sun. Always on. Always overhead (of some part of the planet). Always free. Always a consideration for every photograph taken outside of a windowless studio or closet. The sun is nature’s free light source for photography and video. Regardless of whether you are making a landscape image, architectural photograph, portrait, macro shot, street photo, etc., sunlight, or the absence of sunlight, is a critical ingredient in the image.

Photographs © Todd Vorenkamp

The sun.
The sun


A mean distance of approximately 93 million miles from where you are reading this, the sun is the star closest to Earth and it sits at the center of our solar system.

While the sun’s light output is relatively stable, the combination of the Earth’s orbit of the sun, the Earth’s rotation around its own axis, the tilt of the Earth’s axis, and Earth’s always-changing atmosphere means that the sunlight we use to make our photographs is always in flux.

Many of us take those light-changing factors for granted—they are a part of everyday life on this planet—but, as photographers, a basic understanding of the sun’s light can help us plan to make better images. And, if everything cooperates, capture better images as well!

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