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The Sony ZV-E10 Compared

The Sony ZV-E10 Compared

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The ZV-E10 is Sony’s latest take on a camera purpose-built for vlogging. As also announced, it’s a mirrorless camera that inherits many of the sensor-based attributes of the Alpha line, along with the feature-set of its compact, vlogging-intended sibling, the ZV-1. It’s a great hybrid offering, but how does it stack up to these other cameras in Sony’s lineup? And how does it compare to some of its other main competitors from other brands?

Let’s look at where the ZV-E10 stands, both as the vlogging-specific camera that it is, as well as just an everyday portable mirrorless camera. We’ll be comparing based on typical-use cases, as well as taking an objective look at specifications. Additionally, remember that just because one camera might look better on paper doesn’t mean it’s a better camera for you. Consider the type of shooting you do and the features you value most.


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