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What You Can Do with a Wildlife/Sports Lens

What You Can Do with a Wildlife/Sports Lens

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Wildlife and sports may not have a lot in common, but one thing is for sure—you usually can’t get too close to the action when you're photographing either one of them. Generally speaking, when shooting wildlife or sports, photographers use long telephoto zooms, like a 100-400mm, for example.

Long, ultra-telephoto zooms allow you to safely get up close and personal with your subjects from afar. Whether you’re shooting a tiger in the wild, or a wide-receiver catching a pass in a pro football game, your weapon of choice for shooting fast action at a distance will be more or less the same—a long telephoto zoom, preferably one with snappy autofocus.

Focusing manually is extremely difficult with ultra-long lenses, especially when there’s fast action, like a bird in flight, or a tennis player diving to make a save.

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