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A Brief Introduction to Portraiture

A Brief Introduction to Portraiture

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Portrait photography, or portraiture, remains one of the most popular genres of photography today—and for good reason. Portraits are compelling; they are evocative. Portraits tell a story; they elicit an emotion. Shot correctly, a portrait can reveal the true essence of a person, who they are and what they feel. According to Godard, portraiture is tantamount to capturing the soul. About what other medium or form of expression could you say such a thing?

As with most genres of photography, portraiture is not beholden to any one specific subject or style. Multiple subgenres of portrait photography exist—everything from standard portraits and headshots to wedding and event portraiture. Even pet portraits are a subgenre of portrait photography.

However, despite the wide range of subgenres, most portraits can be shot using the same (or categorically similar) camera gear and accessories. The same can be said about the necessary skill set one would want to have to capture great portraits (more on those skills later). First, let’s talk about some of the tools you can use in multiple subgenres of portrait photography.

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