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Getting Started with Monolights for Portraits

Getting Started with Monolights for Portraits

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Chosen for their power and valued for their efficiency, monolights have long served as the light source of choice for portrait photographers. Whether working in-studio or on-location, these all-in-one strobes can play nearly any role in a lighting setup. Add the wide range of modifiers available to shape their output, and it becomes hard to think of a more valuable lighting tool in the portrait studio. This article introduces the equipment you will need to get up and running with monolights before covering some tips on how to make the most out of these lights when creating portraits.

This one-light setup managed to provide lighting for full-body images.

Monolights get their name from the fact that they combine a flash head (strobe) and power source into a single unit. Despite this self-sufficiency, they do require a line of communication with your camera. In the past, it was not uncommon to use a wired sync cable to trigger your light, but today most are controlled wirelessly.

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