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Guide to Continuous Focus Tracking for Sports Photography

Guide to Continuous Focus Tracking for Sports Photography

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Great photos, in any discipline, can result from infinite techniques, but in sports photography—at least in sports photojournalism—there is little room for the aesthete who chooses a slow approach or the kind that eschews the available camera functions that will increase the proverbial “hit rate.” In other words, sports photographers need to use all measures to get that decisive, well-composed, and most important, in-focus photograph. Thank goodness, therefore, for continuous focus tracking, a blessing for sports photographers everywhere.

Continuous tracking is an autofocus function that uses the predictive artificial intelligence of the camera’s processor to analyze moving subjects and to “predict” where they will move to maintain focus on the subject while shooting in continuous burst modes. As your subject moves and you track through the viewfinder, the system calculates what the position of the subject will be based on its speed, size, distance, and direction of travel. If you keep your finger (half-depressed) on the shutter release (or on the back-button focus control), the camera will automatically and continuously track the subject and maintain focus. Does this work perfectly, all the time? No. Are these technologies improving with every camera generation and firmware update? Yes. Will this technique increase your in-focus shots in the very difficult discipline of sports action photography? Most definitely.

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