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Laptop Stand Buying Guide

Laptop Stand Buying Guide

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Teaching and learning on the fly took on a whole new meaning since spring 2020, when educators and students alike had to quickly shift focus and reconfigure their workstations and computer setups.

If there is one thing to be learned from all the Zoom conferences and Microsoft Teams meetings held since then, it’s this: Most people do not have an adequate laptop, notebook, or monitor support system in place—and it shows in the video footage.

In addition to the bad aesthetics, inferior positioning of one’s monitor, notebook, laptop, or tablet contributes to poor posture, leading to back, neck, or shoulder problems, and even ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

With these important factors of health and appearance in mind, we’ve created this buying guide featuring laptop, notebook, and tablet supports, monitor risers, and equipment stands for creative professionals. There has never been a better time to consider workplace wellness, whether you’re learning in a school setting, working from home, or gigging on the move.

Single-Height Laptop Stands

There are many styles of support systems for laptops and tablets, generally geared to specific user needs and preferences. The most basic support is a single-height metal frame, which elevates your machine several inches from your work surface, angling it slightly toward the user. In addition to aiding ergonomics, these stands also enhance air circulation around your machine to prevent overheating.

The single-height Griffin Technology Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops raises your machine to a more comfortable position while also freeing up space on your desk, and the brushed-aluminum sides can be disassembled from the front of the base for easy travel.

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