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Sneak Peek Inside Art Wolfe’s New Book, "Night on Earth"

Sneak Peek Inside Art Wolfe’s New Book, "Night on Earth"

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Over the course of five decades, renowned photographer and conservationist Art Wolfe has scoured every continent to unearth visuals of our multifaceted world in all its splendor—from natural phenomena to urban hustle, time-honored rituals to majestic, and endangered, wildlife. Among many accolades, his prolific career has yielded award-winning television productions and more than 100 books. His latest tome, Night on Earth, will hit the shelves in November and is currently available in a preorder special.

We recently asked Wolfe for a peek behind the scenes of this latest endeavor to help celebrate B&H’s Night Photography Week. In our conversation below, Wolfe reminisces about the relative ease of his early long exposures on film, discusses the perks to his current camera of choice, offers tips for helping to keep night skies dark, talks about the book production process and his publishing relationship with Earth Aware editions, and more. For further details, and to learn about his favorite dark sky haunts, as well as his photography bucket list, read on below.

Photographs © Art Wolfe

Above photograph: Old Faithful geyser under the Milky Way, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming.

Jill Waterman: The images in this book are a result of your travels to every continent on the globe. How many years of your photography do the images in this book represent?

Art Wolfe: There are photographs in Night on Earth that go back to 1984, when I took part in the Ultima Thule Everest Expedition.

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