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Study in Peace with Noise-Canceling Headphones

Study in Peace with Noise-Canceling Headphones

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If you’ve never tried noise-canceling headphones before, you may be wondering how they differ from regular headphones, and with school back in session, now is the perfect time to learn how they can help you work or study. While they do bear some similarities to conventional headphones in the way that they combat background noise, they also have some key differences. Conventional headphones rely on the physical designs of their ear cups (or earbuds) to “block” unwanted noise by isolating your ears from the environment around you. While some isolation headphones do a better job at this than others, it's impossible to block all of the noise from your surroundings, especially in extremely noisy places. So, if you're trying to use conventional headphones in a noisy space, like in a bedroom or office where someone has the TV on in the next room, you end up having to crank the volume up to higher levels to hear the audio over the background noise. This is bad for your hearing and your sanity.

Before this whole pandemic thing, I worked in a fairly noisy row at the B&H offices. Nothing crazy, just the occasional blabbermouth co-worker, absurdly loud construction in the hall, or random laughing fit perpetrated by someone who’s clearly listening to something outrageously hilarious on their headphones. Needless to say, my noise-canceling in-ear headphones came in extremely handy. But now, during these months of working from home, with my daughter home from school, and my wife also working from home, they’ve become indispensable.

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