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The Great Pinhole “Lens” Photography Shootout

The Great Pinhole “Lens” Photography Shootout

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Many photographers ("You know who you are," says the face in the mirror) scour the Web's plethora of lens reviews looking for that magical new or vintage lens that offers unmatched sharpness, contrast, and color rendition. Yet, it is the pinhole that casts aside all of those wish-list items and delivers a unique photographic experience. Digital or analog, regardless of format, the pinhole camera and modern pinhole "lens" (they aren't really lenses because they have no optics) make for a great way to experience a different and fun side of photography. With several pinholes on the market, let's look at what you can expect from the different options.

Rising Wide pinhole.
Rising Wide pinhole

What Is a Pinhole (Lens)?

The pinhole is just that—a pin hole. All the light needed to make a photograph passes through that tiny hole and onto the film or sensor. The pinhole is a version of the camera obscura—a method of reproduction that dates back thousands of years and, in (relatively) modern times, one of the earliest forms of photography.

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