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Mackie Onyx 12 Is Its Own Little Gem

Mackie Onyx 12 Is Its Own Little Gem

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Years ago, I worked at an alternative country bar doing sound for a wide variety of acts in their backroom. We had country bands, folk duos, metal acts, jam bands, theater troops, and circus performers.

Every one of them had to suffer at my hands: All we had was a cheap analog mixer teetering on the edge of failure. Mackie’s new take on its Onyx 12 Analog Mixer would’ve been a fantastic board for the place.

This review comes to you in the late summer/early fall of 2021—a time when live concerts are trying to make a comeback, but not for me; I’m a hypochondriac at the healthiest of times, so I’ll be testing this board in the comfort of my home studio. Still, we’ll put it through some revealing tests at home and see what we find.

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