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Autel Announces New EVO Nano and EVO Lite Drones

Autel Announces New EVO Nano and EVO Lite Drones

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Autel Robotics has launched two new drone series: the EVO Nano and the EVO Lite. Each new flyer is intended for pilots of a specific skill level. The ultra-lightweight EVO Nano looks to be one of the most capable beginner-class drones ever made, while the mid-range EVO Lite is a larger bird, with more sophisticated hardware, additional features, and broader applications.

EVO Nano

EVO Nano/Nano+

Though it’s billed as an entry-level flyer, the EVO Nano and Nano+ feature some of the most impressive specs we’ve ever seen in a beginner drone. Both versions of the Nano can shoot 4K video, transmit live images up to 7.4 miles, and boast long-lasting battery life of up to 30 minutes. Compare these specs to the Nano’s chief competitor, the DJI Mini 2, and you’ll notice they are nearly identical. However, the Nano also features a three-way obstacle avoidance system, which is a first for any drone in this weight class. No sub-250g drone has ever offered this type of vision sensor system, including the DJI Mini 2.

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