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Buying Guide for Portable Bluetooth Speakers and Sound Systems

Buying Guide for Portable Bluetooth Speakers and Sound Systems

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It’s that time of the year again. The “holidaze” are upon us and with them comes the stress of finding the perfect gift for that special someone. I’m a terrible procrastinator, especially when holiday shopping, so I’ve compiled a roundup of the best portable Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Portability is subjective, so we’ll be looking at a broad variety of offerings. From beach karaoke and whitewater rafting to spreading holiday cheer with ambient background music or rocking out while preparing holiday comestibles, we’ve got something for everyone!

Pro Audio PA Systems with Bluetooth

If you are looking for a true portable PA system with Bluetooth compatibility, there are several professional products that are battery powered and relatively movable. The JBL EON ONE Compact is an all-in-one rechargeable personal PA system that is well suited for singer-songwriters, fitness instructors, corporate speaking engagements, and educational presentations. The speaker is easy to carry and, with its internal battery, you can use it anywhere. Should you require something a little more advanced, do check out the JBL EON ONE MK2, an all-in-one linear array PA system capable of delivering professional-quality audio for live performances, meetings, parties, events, and more. It may be overkill as a Bluetooth playback device, but if you are in the market for a room-filling PA system that can accommodate live instruments, vocals, music playback, DJ setups, and karaoke, this unit is hard to beat.

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