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Fun Lenses You Need to Try

Fun Lenses You Need to Try

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Let’s face it: Shooting film and video isn’t just a job for most of us, it is something we love. Everything that we do contributes to creativity of the images that we make. But the toll the day-in and day-out work can take on our creativity can be devastating. Sometimes you just need a break, something to reinvigorate you, like a fun, non-professional optic. Sometimes you need a different challenge, working with a different set of limitations; experiment, explore, create without having to worry about others judging or the consequences of messing up a shot. Sometimes you just need to play. And who knows? Along with recharging your creative juices, remember that—after all—some of the most memorable images came about by accident.

While this article is about lenses, I wanted to mention lens attachments. For example, I once found an old anamorphic projection lens, and was able to rig it so that I could rotate it and having the anamorphic effect spin made for a lot of fun with in-camera effects on the right music video. Wide-angle adapters and converters can be a simple and inexpensive way to “play around” with weird and warped imagery.

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