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Hands-On Review: The 2nd Generation Sonos Beam

Hands-On Review: The 2nd Generation Sonos Beam

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When I was asked to test the new 2nd Generation Sonos Beam, I was excited to see how much soundbar technology has advanced since my last review. With its short width, I was concerned it wouldn’t offer as broad a soundstage as my soundbar or the soundbar I reviewed a couple of years ago―which was a 5.1-channel soundbar system―but as you’ll read, I had nothing to worry about. Whether through driver design, positioning, or other technology, the soundstage of the Beam is much broader than I expected.


As is customary for Sonos, setup was amazingly easy. When I opened the box, I found the soundbar enclosed in cloth and sealed with a sticker. Eager to get it set up, I ripped open the sticker and unfolded the cloth to find the pristine sheen of the white soundbar. Black is also available, if you prefer; if this is my only complaint (spoiler alert: it is), then I’m still a happy camper.

The soundbar has three rear ports: HDMI eARC/ARC, Ethernet, and power. An HDMI cable and a power cord are included, as is an optical-to-HDMI adapter in case your TV doesn’t support eARC or ARC. The color of the cables matches the color of the soundbar. The adapter is black, but at just a few inches long, it won’t be seen if you’re using it.

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