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Nanuk Brings Tough Canadian Know-How to Hard Cases

Nanuk Brings Tough Canadian Know-How to Hard Cases

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Product Description

For many travel photographers and videographers, the superior protection afforded by the Nanuk hard case makes it a most essential accessory. Regardless of the amount of gear you are carrying, Nanuk’s hard cases can protect from impacts, water, dust, and more. Although the Canadian tourism board may shiver at the thought that our “neighbor to the north” is our neighbor to the always-frozen north, Nanuk’s cases are designed and built near (if not in) some of the world’s most rugged and unforgiving environments.

Nanuk Features

Compared to other hard cases, Nanuk stands apart with their much more rounded corner design. This gives these cases a sleeker and more finished look than those of the competition. The cases are made out of indestructible and lightweight NK-7 resin, and are designed to be stackable, as well.

Their patented PowerClaw latch system combines compressive force to ensure tight closure, slide locks to prevent accidental opening, and ultra-tough nylon construction. The resin handle features a soft grip for comfort—even when carrying heavy gear.

Nanuk’s cases are waterproof and dustproof—rated to IP67— and feature a lifetime warranty.

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