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What You Need for a Home Vlogging Kit

What You Need for a Home Vlogging Kit

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Stuck in the old days of blogging with only text? If you haven't been paying attention, everybody is vlogging now. Since a whole new generation is living their lives online through video streams, vlogs, TikToks, YouTubes, Twitches, and Snapchats, let's look at a few holiday gift options that can offer your favorite vlogger the best video gear.

While some kits are compact enough to take your home studio with you, some vloggers may want to keep their home kit setup and add an ultra-lightweight action kit for when they're out in the field for easy setup and portability. Adding an action camera or rig to your repertoire is so easy and inexpensive these days if you want to make sure your videos are stable, high resolution, and ready for editing, uploading, or even livestreaming.

While it is easy and handy to just walk around talking to your smartphone, phones and tablets often have limitations to their performance, such as lens quality, lighting issues, multiple camera integration, editing and effects options, and adding quality audio. Purpose-built vlogging kits are more versatile and expandable than a smartphone, static PTZ, or expensive cinema camera setup, and can be used either in your home studio/office or in the field.

Find Yourself a Great Camera (or Cameras)

When working with your vlogging at home, small cameras are likely the best remedy, and there are many different camcorders, mirrorless cameras, and DSLR cameras that you can choose from for high-quality audio and video recording. Note that some cameras like DSLRs were originally designed for photography, so their video recording features may have some limitations, such as recording time limits and limited audio support. These camera options can suit a variety of needs.

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