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Year in Review 2021: Nikon Lenses

Year in Review 2021: Nikon Lenses

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Going all-in on mirrorless, Nikon spent its 2021 rounding out the Z system with new cameras and lenses. Focusing on the lenses, Nikon split its attention between both specialized and longer glass, along with some new compact options for FX and DX formats. Along with the lens releases from the past couple of years, it’s interesting to see Nikon’s mirrorless system mature and to see all the staple lenses from the SLR days finally become available with new, updated designs specific to the new Z platform. Let’s look at Nikon’s lens releases from this past year.

NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S Macro

Part one of Nikon’s macro duo, the NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S Macro lens is the Z-mount rendition of the brand’s classic short-tele macro prime. Historically one of the most popular focal lengths for close-up shooting, Nikon made sure to make this new 105mm worthy of staple status with its close 1:1 life-size magnification and minimum focusing distance of about a foot. As an S-Line lens, too, it’s built with advanced optics to help cut distortion and various chromatic aberrations for clean, sharp, and accurate image quality. It’s also fit with a quick and quiet stepping AF motor and includes Vibration Reduction to compensate for up to 4.5 stops of camera shake for easier handheld use.

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