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15 Recommended Stylish Cameras

15 Recommended Stylish Cameras

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I am a fool for design. Style is subjective. Design is art and, therefore, subjective. Does form follow function, or does function dictate form? In the world of photography, just like in many product lines, the camera has run the gamut, from utilitarian tool to work of art. Some of those utilitarian cameras were unintentionally beautiful and some cameras had attractive designs that got in the way of function. Regardless of success or failure, almost every major camera manufacturer has pushed products with radical designs.

Sometimes, a change of color takes a camera from every day to something eye-catching. To me, the new skin must fit over a design already worthy of my eye. Design beauty is more than skin deep to me. Black is the new black, and if the camera looks great in black, it probably looks good in other colors, too. Conversely, slapping a pastel skin on an ugly camera probably makes it worse, in my opinion.

Is what you are about to read a comprehensive list of “chic cameras?” Absolutely not. In fact, I encourage you to add your own thoughts to the Comments section, below. But, before you share your ideas, let's kick off the conversation with this sweet list of 16 products.

1. Hasselblad X1D II 50C

The first in the new world of medium format mirrorless cameras was the Hasselblad X1D, and the most current version is the Hasselblad X1D II 50C. It is a stunning machine. Its body is ultra clean, yet obviously functional. Here is a camera that has a unique and distinctive look. It ushered in a new genre of digital medium format photography and camera design. With “Hasselblad” engraved on the front and “HANDMADE IN SWEDEN” etched into the top plate, you can be assured that the knowledgeable passerby will recognize that the photographer cradling this camera in his or her hands is making art with a work of art.

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