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Apple M1 vs M1 Pro vs M1 Max: Which MacBook Pro is Best for You?

Apple M1 vs M1 Pro vs M1 Max: Which MacBook Pro is Best for You?

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Over the past year, Apple has completely revamped the MacBook line as part of a transition to its own custom silicon, aka processors. Promoting them has been easy because they are more powerful, more efficient, and generally better. The M1 chip was the start in the 13" MacBook Pro and, now, with the launch of 14" and 16" MacBook Pros, we have the M1 Pro and M1 Max—but which version is best for you?

If it is time for you to upgrade or you are curious about what Apple silicon can do, read on to find what M1 chip—and therefore which MacBook Pro—you should buy.

What is the M1 Chip?

One year into the Apple silicon transition, we have gotten the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max. However, unless you are as tech focused as some of us here, these names don’t mean anything.

Practically speaking, the M1 is a new generation of processor that Apple engineers designed. It works in a similar manner to the brand’s mobile chips, commonly known as the A13, A14, etc., found in the iPhones and iPads. A major benefit is that Apple is in control of the full stack—meaning the company is directly involved with how the silicon chips, computer components, hardware design, and software all work together, resulting in the best optimization possible. This optimization has always been a hallmark of Apple devices, and this is now the best possible situation for the company. The results of this first generation of M-series chips absolutely support that.

The revolutionary part is that traditional power-centric PCs haven’t used SoC architecture. Now that these designs have gotten powerful enough for “Pro” computers, we are finally seeing them being implemented.

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