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Best Photo Gifts Ever Received

Best Photo Gifts Ever Received

B&H explora - All posts
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In some sense, photographers are easy people for whom to shop. An entire store (B&H Photo!) exists so that others can bestow amazing gifts on their photographer loved ones. But, in another sense, photographers can be very good at shopping for themselves (at B&H Photo!) and that makes gift-giving to a photographer a challenge.

We asked some B&H staff, members of the B&H Creative Partnership team, and B&H affiliates what was the best photography-related gift they ever received. These are some of their responses.

Alexander Gordon, B&H — @alexgordonphotos

“The best gift I received was a Canon T4i on my birthday by my parents about 10 years ago. It was my first DSLR and my first ‘serious’ camera. It got me started on this journey in photography and brought me to B&H, first as a customer but then as an employee. I don't know where life would have taken me if I never received that camera. Here is one of the photos I took with the Canon. At the time, it was one of my best shots.”

Allan Weitz, B&H — @allanweitz

“A canvas Adam Marelli camera bag! It's a gorgeous bag and was gifted by Adam as a thank you for ‘connecting a few dots’ for him when he was marketing the bag. The bag will outlast me—it's a truly fine camera bag.”

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