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Cameras on 37 Interplanetary Spacecraft

Cameras on 37 Interplanetary Spacecraft

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Congratulations to NASA, the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, and the Southwest Research Institute for their successful launch of the DART and Lucy missions! DART is scheduled to smash into an asteroid moonlet to see if it can change its orbit and Lucy will investigate the Trojan asteroids that orbit the sun in Jupiter’s orbit! Lucy is primed to set records for the largest number of asteroids visited in a single mission, as well as being the first spacecraft to visit the Trojan asteroids. DART is the first attempt at this kinetic technique for global defense from a meteorite impact.

With the start of these daring missions, let’s add Lucy and DART’s cameras to the list of interplanetary spacecraft photo gear of the United States’ space program.

The first photograph of Earth from space was taken by the TIROS-1 weather satellite on April 1, 1960. Ever since, satellites, probes, and spacecraft have been taking amazing photos of the solar system and beyond! Space probes are packed with sensors, but in our list below, we wanted to talk about those imaging systems that are relatively close cousins to what you can find on the shelves of the B&H SuperStore.

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