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RØDE Announces Wireless GO II Single Compact Digital Wireless System/Recorder

RØDE Announces Wireless GO II Single Compact Digital Wireless System/Recorder

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The good folks at RØDE have just announced the Wireless GO II Single, a version of the brand’s popular true-wireless microphone system with only a single wireless transmitter/recorder, instead of two. Aimed at solo content creators and videographers shooting only one on-camera person at a time, this configuration provides a more cost-effective entry point to RØDE’s highly regarded 2.4 GHz digital wireless universe. Conveniently, the system still includes the same dual-channel receiver, so it’s easy to pick up a second transmitter, should you decide later to expand the system for two-person shoots. 

This Single version continues to offer the ease of use and reliability that made the original GO II such a hit in the first place. The clip-on transmitter with built-in omnidirectional microphone makes it simple to mic up talent quickly, while its 3.5mm input is available to accommodate a lavalier mic (available separately) for a more discreet visual appearance. The transmitter’s built-in recorder can record up to 7 hours of uncompressed audio, providing a ready-to-use backup if there’s a hiccup in the wireless transmission, such as interference or a dropout.

The RØDE Wireless GO II Single still offers the same impressive Series IV 2.4 GHz digital wireless technology, delivering a dependable signal at a range of up to 656', considerably more than many competitors. The components pair automatically, so you can get started immediately, and offer 7-hour rechargeable batteries for long shooting times. Cables are included to connect the receiver’s 3.5mm output to a 3.5mm camera input or to connect the USB Type-C port to the USB Type-A port on a computer. An SC15 cable to connect to Lightning ports and an SC16 cable to connect to USB Type-C ports are both available separately. Three furry windshields to reduce noise on outdoor shoots and a carrying pouch are included.

Questions or thoughts about RØDE’s new Wireless GO II Single? Let us know in the Comments section, below!

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