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Best Monitors for Photographers

Best Monitors for Photographers

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For digital photographers, a well-calibrated and accurate photography monitor is an indispensable tool for a solid practice. Regardless if you like to print your photos or share exclusively online, a photo monitor you can trust will make a big difference in how anyone views your photographs, yourself included. Besides just helping to achieve accurate colors and contrast, a finely tuned monitor is also more enjoyable to work on and contributes to a seamless all-around workflow. Additionally, when looking for a monitor, also consider size and resolution as additional variables, with larger screens being easier to edit on, especially when dealing with multiple images or windows. Here are some of our top monitor picks for photographers.

BenQ SW270C Photographer 27" HDR IPS Monitor

One of the best values out there, BenQ’s SW270C is a 27" monitor with 99% coverage of the Adobe RGB color space and 10-bit support, making it well suited for printing and wider color gamut editing. The 27" size and 2560 x 1440 resolution also suit more detailed and multi-image editing. Additionally, a dedicated shading hood is included with the monitor, in case you tend to work in sunlit or bright environments, and a built-in Hotkey Puck lets you switch display settings easily, from Adobe RGB to sRGB to Black-and-White, depending on your editing needs.

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