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The Best Dash Cams to Keep You Safe on the Road

The Best Dash Cams to Keep You Safe on the Road

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Motorists are flocking to the roads in droves these days, to make getting behind the wheel more hazardous than it’s been in a decade, as recently reported in Car & Driver magazine. When traffic is heavy, frustration can build quickly, leading to aggressive driving and road rage—both of which are on the rise.

One essential tool to help keep you safe under such conditions is the trusty dash cam. Initially designed for police use to catch traffic violators, advances in technology now permit widespread operation, to offer the average citizen a visual record in case of a collision or other roadway incident. While using a dash cam won’t lower your insurance premiums—at least not yet—it can count for a lot if there’s a dispute over liability. However, on the flip side, the footage can also offer proof of culpability if you’re the one at fault.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Dash Cam

A basic dash cam has four main parts: the camera itself, a digital memory card, a power connection cable that commonly plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter, and some kind of bracket to mount the camera on the car’s windshield or dashboard—generally either a suction cup with an easy-release button or an adhesive tape mount. Under basic conditions, the dash cam will automatically start recording once the vehicle ignition is turned on, capturing short video clips on a continuous loop until the engine is turned off.

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