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Top Camera Picks for Sports, Wildlife, and Action Photography

Top Camera Picks for Sports, Wildlife, and Action Photography

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Whether you’re shooting sports from the sidelines or a wildlife migration in deepest Africa, you’re going to want a camera that’s fast and responsive enough to catch all the action.

Yet, choosing the right tools to suit such conditions comes with many considerations, and the first thing to know is there are always tradeoffs when purchasing gear. While top-of-the-line full-frame cameras offer the fastest continuous shooting speeds, the most discerning autofocus systems, and the largest camera buffers, these perks come at a considerable cost, besides adding size and weight to your bag. If you want the best possible performance in tough situations, a fast and powerful camera packing the latest technology is key. However, a casual enthusiast with affordability and ease of use in mind might consider other camera options with the understanding that certain creative and technical feats could be a stretch.

Another valuable shopping tip from the B&H Live Chat staff is this: “When purchasing a new camera, it’s more practical to stay with the same brand, due to existing familiarity with menu layouts and camera controls, not to mention compatibility between lenses and other accessories.”

Whatever your preference and price point may be, here’s a wide-ranging shortlist of cameras recommended for sports, wildlife, and action subjects to help jumpstart your adventures in 2022.

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