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What Are Your Photography New Year’s Resolutions?

What Are Your Photography New Year’s Resolutions?

B&H explora - All posts
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The best New Year’s resolutions are 1) fun, 2) easy to follow, and 3) photographic! A few years ago, I listed an even dozen photographic resolutions that I may or may not have followed successfully. Our B&H Photography Podcast addressed the subject here, and Bjorn Petersen talked about shooting film for a year. Now, it is time to hear what your Photographic New Year’s resolutions are. And, to get things started, we asked photographers here at B&H, our affiliates, and members of the B&H Creative team what their resolutions are.

Alexandra Cossack, B&H Creative — @alliebeth.c

“Like most of us, I’ve had to explore much closer to home the last two years, and my love for history drew me to the lesser-known historic sites around New York. I entered 2021 with the goal of using some of these locations to create lifestyle photos with subtle nods to the fashions of the past. This summer, I had the absolute honor to bring some of these ideas to life at Historic Richmondtown, in Staten Island, in the Guyon Lake Tysen House, which dates back to the 18th century. As the world slowly opens up again, I can’t wait to continue discovering the history of my home state ( and beyond) and creating art that respects and celebrates the history of each space.”

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