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An Effortless Guide to Home Security and Smart Homes

An Effortless Guide to Home Security and Smart Homes

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The widespread adoption of affordable Smart Home solutions has made home surveillance and theft prevention systems more popular than ever—from Security Cameras, to WiFi Video Doorbells, Electric Locks, and Home Security Alarms, which are often complimented by popular home automation digital assistants like Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Nest. Installing a home security system used to requirethe services of an installation professional—and in many large-scale setups, it still does—but ongoing technological innovations have rendered consumer level video surveillance easier to install and operate, and increasingly customizable for residential use.

Your first question may be, why bother adding intelligence to the exterior of your home? According to crime statistics provided by the F.B.I., 60.5% of more than 8.8 million offenses and 7.5 million incidents reported in 2020 were crimes against property. * Collectively, victims of such property crimes (excluding arson) suffered losses estimated at $17.5 billion. Such big numbers make the cost of installing a robust security system seem like small change indeed.


Yet, before you run out and buy security cameras a or fancy surveillance system, here are a few suggestions on how to lessen your chances of being one of those statistics.

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