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In Defense of Small-Sensor Cameras for Live Events and ENG Work

In Defense of Small-Sensor Cameras for Live Events and ENG Work

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While a great deal is made of shooting with large-sensor cameras, for valid reasons, I thought it would be prudent to consider smaller-sensor cameras, especially in the ENG/camcorder form factor. All too often these cameras are overlooked, and they really should not be. The ENG camcorder developed from a need for an all-inclusive camera that was rugged and easy to transport, which dictated a camera body with integrated tape drive―now SSD or Media card―and a lens port so you can add the lens of your choice or, for an even smaller shooting package, an integrated zoom lens. This called for a simple camera that is designed for the “one-person band,” who doesn’t have an assistant pulling focus, building the camera, or packing it away when done.

This is the heart of the ENG/camcorder philosophy, a single unit with built-in XLR connectors for professional audio in support of the single-person filmmaker, which is where the small sensors really shine.

Relationship of sensor size
Relationships of sensor sizes

ENG/Camcorder Advantages

Years ago, ENG cameras had interchangeable lenses, and you can still find that today, but with the release of consumer camcorders, a few advantages of the camcorder for professional use became apparent. Lenses that are built into the camera make for a lighter and smaller overall combination, because you don’t need the extra weight that a lens port requires to support a removable lens properly. Electronics are simpler, as well, without the necessary pins on the lens and port for lens communication or power. So, you tend to end up with a more compact form factor that is lighter and easier to move around, especially for someone who goes for odd angles and holds the camera in ways not intended by the manufacturer.

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