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How Big of a Camera Can You Bring to the Big Game?

How Big of a Camera Can You Bring to the Big Game?

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Is your team playing in the final professional American football game of the current season? Or are you traveling to Los Angeles to see the Big Game? Are you a photographer wanting to capture the action of this or other professional gridiron games?

Here is what you need to know!

The American professional football league has stipulated requirements for what you can and cannot bring into a stadium, but individual venues have their own sets of rules.

As of February 2022, the league Stadium Bag Policy basically states that you cannot bring any type of bag to the game. This includes camera bags. The only bags allowed are clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bags that do not exceed 12 x 6 x 12". As an alternative, you can bring your needed items in a clear one-gallon freezer bag and you can also bring a small clutch with a maximum size of 4.5 x 6.5" along with a clear bag.

You can carry a camera and/or binoculars into the stadium—they just cannot be in their own cases.

What kind of camera can you bring to a game? The current stadium rules for the pro football stadium in Inglewood, California, state the following as of February 2022:

Guests are welcome to use still cameras with a lens that is 6" or less in length for personal use at [the] Stadium.

Tripods, monopods, “selfie sticks,” and cameras with a lens longer than 6" (detachable or non-detachable) will NOT be permitted into the stadium. Video cameras and video recording of events with other devices at [the] Stadium are prohibited. See PROHIBITED ITEMS.

Prohibited Items [Photography-related]

  • Hard-sided containers or coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch bags, luggage of any kind, computer bags, camera bags, and large traditional seat cushions that have pockets*

  • Video cameras or mono/tripods (no spectator cameras with lenses over six inches long will be permitted)

  • Signs, banners, or flags on poles, staffs or selfie sticks

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