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The Fastest Glass Money Can Buy

The Fastest Glass Money Can Buy

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Leave it to the world of photography to confuse size and speed. In lens-speak, the term “fast glass” refers to lenses with large apertures. The aperture is the opening of a lens. The aperture’s size is expressed as a number that shows the ratio of the opening to the lens’s focal length. This number is referred to as an f/number, f/stop, focal ratio, f/ratio, or relative aperture.

What Does a Fast Lens Give You?

These large-aperture lenses are referred to as “fast” because they allow cameras to take photos at relatively fast shutter speeds for a given amount of ambient light. A fast lens might make it possible to take photos handheld in low light. Faster shutter speeds offer greater options for freezing action and can minimize camera shake, both of which can cause blur in your images, no matter how bright the scene. A large aperture means that you can photograph with very shallow depth of field.

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